Poetic geometrical impersonation of the crowded cities, Los Angeles in this case. 
Colours to reflect the essence of the city social portraiture.
Paper planes, objectified shadows of the human souls, are connected with each other with barely visible strings to reflect our connection to one another and show how fragile they are. 
Song of isolation created by the seemingly busy communities. 
Reminder of the need to be part of the bigger. 
425 gsm paper 
UV sprayed
furnished with bespoke certificate of authenticity 
shipped in a tube
framing required
floating black or white rim 80x100 cm frame would be highly recommended 

series Connected available for commission requests 
on paper: min 50x70 cm and max 150x400 cm 
on canvas: min 60x80 cm and max 120x50 cm 
in the colour schemes determined by the art collector 
turn around 2-3 weeks maximum door to door

Connected | LA calling