*not available for reproduction. Exclusivity reserved with first collector Anne Wilkes (New York)

Migration | After they've left

    • Original artwork
    • H120 x W100 x D2.86 cm
    • watercolour + acrylic + oil


    There was a time when they roamed our skies and have been sighted frequently. Mother said it was for good luck to spot one passing. If you see them in a great numbers its very special. Its when your life big changes are about to happen. Make a wish, watch them fly, she whispered before my bed time. Let that rush of excitement fill your veins. The phantoms that used to ignite the clouds with their illusive glow have now vanished for good. Turning into something between fairy tale, lie and a superstition. Until that morning…. I saw them. I promise I did. There was at least half a dozen of them at once! Those fragile strings got all tangled in the wind floated before my very eyes. The rush of anticipation. Mothers don’t lie.


    commissions are welcome 
    postage unstretched - not available
    framing option - from 50 GBP extra on 2 weeks wait - available