Migration | Against

    • Original artwork
    • H100 x W120 x D2.86 cm
    • watercolour + acrylic + oil

    The Migration series continue to evolve as I am experimenting with creating deeper, darker, multi dimensional messages on wooden surfaces and paper. 

    The Escape is a reference to darker future where family ties are playing the crucial importance when we find a better place to live, leaving our home lands behind and in search of a better territory. Better not always for us, but for the generation next. The paper planes, fragile symbols of our human nature, are group here in small clusters. They look like little families. Where smaller planes are children, catching an air wave from the parental wind. They move in formations and connected with visible strings. Strings are loose and ready to snap any time. Living 7000 km away from my family for the past 11 years, I wanted to show how important to us that initial connection and how we could go search new experiences in life but remain connected.