Migration | Illusive Freedom

    • Original artwork
    • H100 x W120 x D2.86 cm
    • watercolour + acrylic + oil

    Are we leading or being led? 
    The freedom is an illusion. We are free to choose our leaders but the choice is short of those who are brave or arrogant enough to run ahead. We support them, we hate them, we judge them and we dump them. But our loose and almost invisible ties remain strong. We all in this together. We've chosen to part with our freedom to keep the order, to keep the formation and to move forward.

    I always liked paper planes as an object for its elegant simplicity, lightness, fragility and lack of certain trajectory. In Migration collection I infill them with soul of a human.
    I like to think they are faceless portraits of ourselves. 
    Messengers of fate. Guides into a hidden reality. Vessels of our dreams.