Migration | Un Three

    • Original artwork
    • H100 x W120 x D2.86 cm
    • watercolour + acrylic + oil
    • posted stretched, ready to hang

    Three is a good number. 
    It breaks the intimacy of two.
    Brings more dynamics. Causes tension of competition. 
    Yet its a number of a strong union. Empowering with robust reliability of each One. Blurring weaknesses. Enhancing individual strengths. Three pillars, three rules, three siblings, three kingdoms. When pronounced and taken out on context it can easily be confused with 'free'. I wanted to draw a line on Three vs Free. So seemingly incomparable and save for audible similarities lacking common grounds proforma. Does three means more free in a relationship? Are their ephemeral ties to one another stronger than ties forged by a common goal? is three a better partnership than two? I shall leave these for you to figure. Maybe , just maybe, there is a clue to be found in this artwork.