30x30" original

watercolour acrylic and oil
on 5cm deep cradled wood

Toy Story | Make Time To Have Fun

    • Original artwork
    • H76 x W76 x D5cm  (30x30")
    • oil + acrylic on cradled wood
    • varnished, certified

    Took a while to finish this one. Lots of layers creating the characters and the right mood to substantiate the main message coded into the painting. 

    The inspiration comes from the popular instagram culture of scandinavian toys lovers, motivational bloggers and London based Noo Dolls designers who create wonderful short stories with their unique creations. I took the dolls as a base for making the series of works and bringing on my artistic talent adding more edge and pop into the mummies favourite collectables. 

    Obviously the epic Star Wars theme continuously gathers momentum with every reincarnation of the film. Infectious and always visual, the characters are a reflection on our lives. Some picture them more sinister, but I took on a different view. Turning evil, dark spirit and sharp teeth into something that jointly looks nothing but cute with omnipresent reminder to us all: making time to have fun is crucial to keep the life balance.