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Time Flow | Sunny Harbour
  • Time Flow | Sunny Harbour

    The artwork is at the moment a one off and hasn't gone into a full series just yet. 

    It was a sunny summer day when I was washed with warm memories of my trip to Brazil (Florionapolis) to visit my digital nomad friend and discover South America the local way. Wonderful evening eating oysters on the terrace of a local restaurant. I loved seeing how happy people living by the ocean. The naive style was dominating the art galleries there and something truly innocent, infantile and genuine about the place became the inspiration behind this at first sight simple seascape. The peaceful calm almost motionless picture of the harbour with fishermen boats, is filled with layers of colour and texture. The shade is nearly florescent in the right light giving turquoise, pink, orange, and gentle yellow tones changing like a kaleidoscope while the boats and the way of life of a Brazilian fisherman remains the same for generations.

    • Technical bits:

      Unframed size: 120 x 100 x 2.86 cm 

      Framed: 124 x104 x 4.5 cm 

      shipped fully framed

      Frame could be repainted from inky blue to any colour you like

      comes ready to go on the wall straigh out of packaging 

      Complimentray UK + US shipment 

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