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After leaving busy London for countryside calm splendour in 2020, I spent two years looking after my baby daughter and home renovation project. 


This challenging period of my life made me more appreciative of the environment we live in. Taught me to patiently nurture, care for and live in a moment. Till present, I am utterly converted into the life of parks, heritage sites, opulent gardens and private gardens open to visitors. 

My senses heightened and perception of colour has somewhat shifted.

I am not used to be a flower girl but as I am still mesmerised by illusive symmetry and flow. 


So in this floral series which is now growing into a bigger body of work as I am gearing up for extra large pieces to take central stage, I feel like a magician, a wizard, a garden fairy who throws the power of line and multi tiered paints onto the surface to bring to life the most elegant vibe capturing summer glow, floral mist and wonderful breeze full of scents, beautiful light and wave of the meadow. 


Small lines, spots, brush strokes and fuzzy pastel breaks - all form a captivating full of glory summery display of Wisteria - one of my absolute favourite plant that is so opulent and loved here in Britain. 


for videos and creation process please visit my instagram account. 


** accept commissions on this series 

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