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I use various media to create series of works  channeling my excessive emotional energy onto the surface and allowing to escape from reality without leaving the studio. 

The subject matter is often  to lift the weight of existence and find a thread that pulls you forward to evolve and change yourself or your attitude towards challenging circumstances in life. 

Inspiration comes within. The final outcome of the artwork is often uncertain. Where do you draw a last line is existential to every piece I consider finished. It starts with need to lock myself in the studio room and find way to the outer places within. 

Little bit about me

I was born in Kazakhstan (Aktau) on the shores of the Caspian Sea in a small oily town in the middle of the desert. Spent most of my happy childhood summers in leafy North Kazakhstan (Shuchinsk) at grand mother's farm house, foraging in the forest, swimming in the lakes and looking after animals. Later in life my parents (both engineers) chose for me to go study Law driven by prestige of the occupation.


Art classes was a parallel activity during my school years since the age of 10 and despite high praising from the teachers art was dismissed as a career direction due to being unpractical. I have then spent 15 years in quasi legal career in banking, oil and gas, private clients and consulting industries both in Kazakhstan and the UK before one day deciding to abandon the office all together to give myself a chance to become a serious artist. 


corporate display ]

Apr  2023                 Bingham Riverside Hotel & Membership Club, Richmond 

Mar 2022                        Open Studios, Berkshire 

Oct 2021                            The Other Art Fair  

Apr 2020                            Best Sold Artist of All Times Saatchi Art 

Apr 2020                            Infinity Room, White Box Gallery London

Oct 2019                            Affordable Art Fair Battersea, Degree Art 

Oct 2019                            RVP Gallery, Wilmslow, Manchester

Oct 2019                             Open Studios Delta House, Wimbledon

Aug 2019                            the Auction Collective, Bankside Hotel, London

Jul 2019                              Henley Regatta & Art Festival, Art Elite

Mar 2019                            The Other Art Fair, London

Sep - Dec  2018                 Interio 22,  Art Play, Moscow 

Mar  2018                           The Other Art Fair, Holborn, London, UK

Dec-Jan 2018                     Cass Art Exhibition Flag Store & Rise Art, Islington, London


Oct 2017                            The Other Art Fair, London 

Sep 2017                          The Frame show by Saatchi Art + Samsung,

                                     London, Clerkenwell Design Week 

Sep 2017                            Decorative Art Fair, Battersea Park, London

2017  - 2019                       Catherine Miller Art Gallery, Chelsea, London

Apr   2017                          The Other Art Fair, London

Nov-Dec  2016                   Aubergine Gallery, Wimbledon, London     

Nov 2016                           Edinburg Art Fair, represented by Gaudi Gallery, Madrid

Nov 2016                           solo, Art Gallery 657 Studio, Fulham Rd, London #Flyingsolo

2016                                   Cover page -   Saatchi Art Autumn 2016 Printed Catalogue                    

Aug 2016                            Hoxton Arches, London, with Meet the Artists               

Feb 2016                            Whitechappel Gallery, London, First Thursdays by  Creative Debuts     

Jan-Mar 2016                     Hoxton Hotel Gallery, Holborn, London,  Creative Debuts   

Jan 2016                             Art Room 2016, Melia White House Hotel, London          

Dec 2015                            Maze Art OXO Tower  Barge House, London     

Oct 2015                             Wells Art Contemporary 2015, Somerset, UK        

Apr - Jan 2016                    Artist of  the Day (twice), Inside the Studio,  Saatchi Art             

July - Sep 2015                   solo , Mathew’s Yard Caffe & Art Gallery, Croydon       


on the big screen & TV ]

Feb 2021                         Park Hyatt Aviara 5*, Florida

Nov 2020                         Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York 

Apr 2020                          Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, Chicago

Jul 2019                           Spirit of Discovery Luxury Cruise-ship, SAGA 

Jan 2018                          Timbers Kauai Hawaii - with Eaton Fine Art, Blue Bay for new built hotel

Mar - Jun  2016               Oliver, (Marketing Agency) Old St, London, with Creative Debuts

Feb - May 2016                Black + White Offices, Shoreditch, London, with Creative Debuts

Feb - Jun 2016                 20 Canada Square, City of London (Property Developer) 

July 14 - May 2015           Werner Capital (Property Developer), Belgravia, London     

Apr - Oct 2013                  Bonas MacFarlane (Educational Consultancy), Battersea, London       

Nov 2016       Mar 2016                          

Doctor Strange, Marvel movie, 2 artworks for the filming set decoration  

US Drama Scandal,  from episode 515, series since 2012, ABC studios   


29 Grosvenor Road 

Caversham, Berkshire, UK




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