So you are here  because you like my art, but haven't quite found the painting that ticks all the boxes. 
The size might not be right or you fell inlove with a sold piece. 
Good news is I can make one (or two) that will be just right! 

Here is a quick guide of how we can make your very bespoke artwork with a bit of 'do's and don't' and what I would need from you to start your commission. 
If after reading this you still have questions, I have a "Live Chat" option so send me a message.

1. Made to order series 

- Blue Bayseascape commission minimum size of 70x70cm.
Can do smaller size artworks but has to be minimum 2.
Prices on made to order canvases which I can make 2cm deep or 4cm are as follows: 

£650  - 70x70 cm /  27.5x27.5"
£750  - 80x80 cm / 31.4x31.4"
£950  - 100x80 cm / 100x100 cm / 39.3x31.4" / 39.3x39.3"
£1300 - 100x120cm / 39.3 x 47.2" 

- Migration - cloudscapes - these are quite complex  time consuming paintings and pricing starts from  £1000
can be done on canvas or paper 
Prices negotiable but to give you an idea: 

£1400-£1800 - 100x100cm / 39.3x39.3"
£1800 -£2700-  100x120 cm / 39.3x 47.2"
£2700-£2900 - 100x150 cm / 39.3 x 59"
£2700-£3200 - 120x150 cm /  47.2x59"

Multi panelled works and oil on canvas that exceed 120x150 cm to be discussed and agreed separately as much depends on urgency, subject matter and destination. 

- Connected (paper planes) -  prices £550 for 56x76cm / 30x22", could be done on paper or canvas
- Colour Code (dotted) - prices £295 for 84x59cm / 33.1x23.4" 
- Drawings -paper - prices from £350 min  90cm/35" and max - 240cm 

All my canvas paintings, unless specified, stretched and ready to hang straight out of the box.
Should you want me to take it off the stretchers saving you some shipping costs and store it easier if you are planning to keep it off the wall for a while.
2. Delivery 

To ship internationally I use UPS and TNT.  Between £30-170 (higher value is for Australia or Honk Kong shipping)
To ship in the UK - UPS  domestic next day - free of charge.
All the shipments are trackable and fully insured against damage, securely packed. 

All the paper based artworks are shipped unframed and rolled in the hard case postal tube. 
Paintings are - on paper - UV varnish sprayed twice, on canvas - gloss professional UV varnish museum quality, touch dry prior to packaging.  

3. Process

You email me the title(s) of my painting(s) you liked and want to be my reference points to create one absolutely unique piece for your wall. Also if you have the images of your interior where the painting will be going, do email me as I could advise on choosing colour schemes and choices of varnishing, sizing and framing that might be best suited considering wall colours, natural or artificial light drop and pieces of furniture that we may need to take into account. We then agree the timescale (normally between 2-3 weeks lead time start to completion plus allow 1 week for delivery if outside the UK), size and I will produce an invoice based on that. 50% deposit is taken upon agreement to proceed with commission. I will be sending you images of 30%, 50%, 70% and 100% completion images so you track the progress and make suggestions during the creation of your artwork. Just before varnishing I will make a video with commentary for you to see the painting. Then you pay outstanding amount and the courier is booked for collection on the following day. 

4. Cancelations

In those exceptional circumstances when you don't feel like the artwork I was tasked to create is quite inline with your expectations, I will refund the deposit and the painting goes into the open market for sale, so no unhappy art collectors in my club.