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    Watercolour on

    on finest cotton crispy white paper with ruffled edges on top and bottom

    Size: 56x76 cm / 30x22"




    Shipped Unframed in a tube with a handsigner certificate

    Signatiure in the mid bottom of the artwork

    Buyer to frame as desired

    On photoes - Nielsen Alfa white oak veneer frame 60x80 cm - many colours availabe from this brand. Would highly reccomend




    • Process:

      its at very least 10 different colours used in creating this artwork and it takes days layer after layer adding new raw of brush droplets whilist waiting for them to dry in almost labratory like conditions. Minor movement can ruin the painting. The paper I use is 100% cotton, which is the expensive bit of highest quality with white surface and supreme colour holding abilities. 


      The colour transition of one droplet into enother is adeliberate effect as I like to show how the colours merge creating this wonderful flow. 

      UV resistent 

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