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Connected | Columbia Frost Mono
  • Connected | Columbia Frost Mono


    Original watercolour on
    100% cotton paper
    300 gsm (thick)
    Rough edges
    22"×30" or 56x76cm size
    Shipped in a large tube
    Supplied with a certificate of authincate
    2-3 days delivery

    • Story:

      S t o r y: 

      The subject of the Connected series is the issue of social displacement in a fast paced urban environment. 

      The competing positive and the negative impacts on an individual living in a modern city. 

      Being raised in a small(ish) town, the artist reflects on changes she had experienced moving into the mega cities as a young adult. Most of us undergo a social adjustment joining the race (for money, fame, lifestyle, fashion, career or simply breath the city buzz) ultimately falling into faster pace of life. 

      The price to pay is parting with one's identity (hence blanc paper plane) in order to fit in, feel accepted by the system and follow (or reverse - some paper planes go against the main flow) the crowd. 

      Depending on their vice, we form smaller flocks growing ties and amassing new followers. 

      Hence the series name - "connected " which is also referencing the notion of digital over compensation for our solitude within the crowd. 

      On the positive side, the artist draws parallels between the paper plane as manmade creation, perfectly shaped to fly with little support, and modern young person. Admiring courage, determination despite at times obvious immaturity and lack of responsibility often criticised as purposeless existence much like the existence of a paper plane. 

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