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Migration | Taken
  • Migration | Taken

    • About the artwork

      • Original artwork
      • H120 x W100 x D2.86 cm
      • watercolour + acrylic + oil



      It took me 6 months of trial and error figuring the right canvas maker that matches my watercolour technique and gives immense joy of watching how the water based paint sucked in by fibre, changing its colour qualities. It took me same amount of time to test the paints and find those that leave vibrant distinct drying edges. I prefer to work on large scale canvases, which presents a challenge of uniting pieces of canvas into one big image making it look balanced at the end. I let my eye to analyse dozens of photos with the clouds and skies and I gaze with awareness in the morning and evening sky loading my memory with shades, lines, positions, forms so at the moment of beginning the new canvas I shut down all the unnessesary distractions and created lines and shadows tapping into the well of my memories, never to the actual photo image or other visual aid before me.I get excited when I discover how beige looks unexpectedly strong and contrasting on softer grey of green. I am struck by combination of shell pink and lavender intertwining on my canvas in a random yet controlled way. Migration collection is an attempt to run away, fly away on the fragile paper wings. Every painting is a 12 hours a day 4 days straight self discovery journey completed in one breath. Its a mini marathon. A short but intensely lived paper plane flight of creation.

      posted stretched, unframed, ready to hang

      if unsold, the original artwork will be shown at the #flyingsolo show from 31 oct till 05 nov


      Full refund including shipping costs paid, if any, will be issued if there is shipment damage or case of great disparity between an online image and the received artwork. Original artwork or print must be returned. Refund will be proccessed within 24 hours upon receipt of the returned painting or the print. 

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