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Migration | Sapphire Altitude
  • Migration | Sapphire Altitude

    - o r i g i n a l 



    Watercolour + oil+ acrylic on

    Mid grain canvas gloss glazing

    (not plasticy but we'll protected)


    Size: W90 x H90 cm / W35.5"x H35.5"

    3.5cm projection off the wall in a frame 

    Size framed: n/a



    ready to go on the wall streight out of packaging

    UK free delivery

    other countries - delivery charge calclucated at the checkout

    • S T O R Y:

      The Migration collection is intended to capture the subject of departure focusing on positive aspect of separation, leaving, breaking ties, closing the old chapter and starting anew.  

      The paper airplane objects representing the dynamic force and a faceless portrait of a traveler, explorer and a pioneer.

      Simple light emotion of this flying element takes you to those carefree childhood memories, full of play time and moment when one explores physical nature. 

      Imposing or sometimes enveloping this symbol with the clouds I strengthen the message to emphasise the scale of ever-changing terrain around us.


      The clouds are big, strong, dominating. But full of detail and complexity. 

      In contrast, the paper planes are small, fragile yet perfectly built to take on a flight of undefined trajectory. 

      These little vessels are not meant to be this high up, naturally. However, just like us, they find themselves redefining the limits. Empowered within. 

      Also the detail that connects paper airplanes comes from my Connected series on paper.

      Visual form showing companionship is found in every journey we take and unites two of my signature collections. 

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