size: H30 x W40cm / 12"x16"

materials: oil on canvas, thick textured paint, gloss varnish 

shipped: unframed, framing could be arranged at + £30

* accept commisions for any size landscapes


Following my Dec 2019 trip through Garden Rout in  South Africa my palette has experienced rather green influence. Fruits of my inspiration with the beauty of this ever changing landscapes have ripened with a mini series of green abstract landscapes. To remind of beautiful journey through vineyards and farms. 


this particular one is oil on canvas with crisp white edges 3.5 cm thick. 

It has lots of lovely texture and protected with classy gloss  varnish to complete slightly vintage look of this contemporary piece. 


The smudged technique I used to create blurred effect of the trees is a reference to how quickly we move, and how quickly the beautiful holidays to a far far away finish. 


The artwork  offered unframed (frame here is for demonstration purposes only though I could arrange for similar frame in any colour you like done by a professional at a very reasonable cost)

West side #102