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Ripples | The Pathfinder Dio
  • Ripples | The Pathfinder Dio

    - Original  - 

    pls enquire for best price unless stated

    Dimentions: 120x120 cm / 47x47"

    3.6cm white edge projection off the wall (thick enough for frameless look) Made with: Oil + pastel on canvas. I use only professional quality paints and materials (no student or budget paints) 

    Made on: 100% cotton medium grain canvas

    Finish: Soft gloss varnish wonderfully enhancing the colour and easy maintenance of the artwork

    Signature: Signature is on the back so the artwork could be positioned on the wall in any orientation of your choosing.

    Shipping: stretched


    UK+US - Complementary

    /WW - calculated at the checkout based on size/weight


    Gestural abstract that requires execution on a single breath. Once started, i don't stop until the artwork is finished. Its difficult to suppress the urge to clutter your canvas with forms. Strike a balance with a simple line. It's confidence mixed with doubt. Linear form that becoms somewhat an obsession. It's blured yet defined. Much like the path I sick to follow in my life. Staying on track though keeping options and flexibility. Nothing is straightforward and it's not just a figure of speech. Opinions change. So as colours. I can't decide whether I like green or blue better so I just chuck a bit of red in between. Compromise ? You have to. Or do you ?

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