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the Artist


Yuliya is a mix media artist working on several signature collections. She draws beauty in her surroundings and not afraid to venturing out to explore new directions. Drawings, oil painting, watercolour on paper and canvas, her varied work is seamlessly united by a distinct  flow and unmistakably unique elegance. 


Dreamy visual, her aesthetics lie in balance with geometry, symmetry, light and colour.  

Poetic narrative and dynamic interaction of object with background is at core of Yuliya's every piece.  

The Artist embraces a semi-abstract landscapes with a pronounced style where she often draws parallels between personality and its environment, intertwined partnership and independence. Growing up and preserving inner child. 

Her work is easy to fall involve with and sought after by many international art collectors, designers and architects for its unique appeal, delicate colours and light energy. 

Graduate of an art school, Yuliya was trained as a lawyer and spent more than a decade in a corporate world working for energy, engineering, management consulting, high end residential projects and charitable initiatives prior becoming a professional full time artist. 

Paintings acquired by Marvel and ABC studios used in iconic films and shows. Exhibited many times in popular UK art fairs (TOAF, AAF, Edinburg Art Fair). Shown in private members clubs, hotels and top City offices. Art prints adorn numerous  5* luxury hotels, yachts and cruise liners.